Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Operation: Shoot To Thrill Part 7 (Iron Man Mk. 6 build)

Alright, this update is a monumental one. I'm about to make my first helmet. I basically realized that the foam thickness issue i was having with the hands was the same issue i was having with making a helmet. and, since i solved it fantastically with the hands, there's no reason i can't use the rest of the sheet to make a helmet as well, so let's get going:

With everything cut out and ready to be built, it was time to break out the heat gun and start shaping pieces:

remember kids, don't heat gun while distracted, otherwise you may end up with crispy helmets

i may have been to excited about finally making the faceplate to take process pictures...

aaand... VIOLA! a masterpiece! still missing the cheek bits and the forehead part, but i'm too damn excited to care!

put the forehead bits in and just HAD to try it on!!

also had to shape and glue the ear circle things in as well:

this right here, is mister chief's first, 100% COMPLETE helmet! look at that sexy thing!

However, all the giddy excitement over the helmet had to come to an end, and we had to get back to work. next on the to do list was re-making everything below the knees. we're marching to the same tune at this point, stencil, trace, cut out:

and with that, everything's cut out and ready to be assembled, which is what we'll be tackling in the next update.
Stay tuned!

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