Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FIRST BUILD: Halo Reach Custom Multiplayer Spartan III [Part 1]

Alright, first ACTUAL costuming post. I kinda suck at introductions for this sort of this thing so let's just jump right into it.

This was my first proper build, and, for its ease to work with, is also a foam build. As you'll obviously see my skills are really rough to start out, but reach a somewhat passable level by the end of the project.

So I started with the thigh pieces (on a cutting board on the floor of my bedroom. Like i said, baby steps...)

First comes the pepakura stencils:

Next comes the building:

It may be a rough diamond... but it's MY rough diamond
(also I apparently came down with a bad case of Parkinson's while taking these pictures)

Alright, so with the thighs done, the shins were up next:
(Starring: My flustercluck of a desk!)


So that's it for this first post, stay tuned for next episode, where i tackle the forearms and first shoulder!

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