Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Operation Cockbite: Part 1, The Re-Awakening

Alright, let's pretend the past 2 4 8 months totally didn't go by with complete radio silence from yours truly. (in my defense, i had a family vacation to europe for a few weeks, also Reddit be a cruel and fickle temptress!) But anyway! that secret project i had hinted at the past few post? It's everyone's favourite antisocial, wiggly-armed robot!
Gusbot 3000

For those of you who don't recognize the character above:

"But MisterChief! What could this costume possibly be for?!?" you may be asking right now. That is a very good question. Here is your answer:

That's right, RTX 2k14! 

SO! this is where the costuming starts. After much deliberation i decided that the best course of action would be my usual course of action: By the seat of my pants!

So, thankfully, this is a VERY simple build. it's literally just a bunch of rectangles. so i grabbed my handy-dandy pen and ruler, and got to work on the torso to start:

I grabbed one of my t-shirts to figure out the correct size of the torso for me

The "sleeves" looked a tad bit short just eyeballing it, so i extended the measurements out slightly when i made the back piece:

Front and back were looking snazzy, next came the sides:

Here it is beginning to finally take shape. since it's a scratch build, a dry run is an absolute must for everything, because measurements are never correct the first time. So get ready to see a LOT of duct tape!
Once all the sides were in place, I cut the neck hole so i could actually put it on:
That's it for part 1. next part you'll get to see some glamor shots during the fitting and resizing of the torso. Stay tuned!

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