Thursday, March 5, 2015

Operation Cockbite: Part 3

Alright, like I said last time we left off, next up was the sleeves. Not much to say about em, they're boxes. just like the rest of the costume.

Next up is attaching them to the torso to see how they fit:

Done and done! After that, i had to address a slight issue with the torso:
Since I'm using EVA foam, it's very soft and pliable. now normally this wouldn't be a problem, since other costumes are done through pepakura and therefore are made up of several smaller parts glued together. But since this is a whole lot of big, flat pieces, the foam is gonna bend easily, as proven in the picture above. The solution's pretty easy, thankfully. just reinforce the bendable pieces with a hard, flat material, such as lengths of plastic sheeting, which i happen to have on-hand from a previous project:

However, plastic is, obviously, hard. this means it's also hard to cut:

Thankfully, in my time of need, i can call upon the one thing in my arsenal of tools that can chew through anything i put it up against:
The Dirty Old Bastard


*ahem* anyway... once the whole "cutting" thing was sorted out, i had to measure all the proper lengths:

And with all the lengths traced out and ready to go, it was cutting time!
So, with the (exhausting) cutting finished, the torso is ready to be reinforced in the next part. Stay tuned!

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