Monday, May 12, 2014

FIRST BUILD: Halo Reach Custom Multiplayer Spartan III [Part 3]

So, we left off with the forearms finished/replaced and the Security shoulder done. Next up, on my VERY OWN DIMLY LIT GARAGE WORKBENCH! was the ab plate. Even though it didn't go with the armor variant i was making, i knew that i wasn't gonna be able to make an undersuit, so instead of leaving all the straps and buckles (and muffin top...) exposed, clever ol' me decided the ab plate would be a good cover up.


Next up was the bicep bases, the parts that the shoulder pieces attached to.
(Just a word of warning, the order of these pictures is so messed up that even I can't tell what goes where, so bear with me on this...)

Starting with the right bicep
Whoopshit, blanked on the whole "consistent pictures thing"

and then I took 0 pictures of the left bicep...

(i promise i get better at some point...)

And next came the hand plates:
(Guest starring: my girlfriend)

So that about wraps up part 3. To the few of you that haven't left in disgust at my atrocious camera etiquette, thank you for believing in me and stay tuned for part 4!

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