Monday, May 12, 2014

FIRST BUILD: Halo Reach Custom Multiplayer Spartan III [Part 5]

ALRIGHT! Part 5 is here! We're getting close to the thrilling conclusion of this epic saga! So let's jump right into it.
FIRST UP is the HP/HALO chest armor variant:

Boom. Done and done. 
Next up is the cod piece. Unfortunately this is where my "good" streak ends. Not only did i go for the low-poly model, but i also made it laughably big. Like, i cut off 60% of it just to make it fit...
Here we go:

WOOP WOOP!! Pull over, Dat ass(plate) too fat!
And, once again, no finished pictures...

And finally, to close out the building section, I redid the thighs because the first run was just poo...
i got a total of ZERO progress pictures, but i did get some completed pictures and even a couple of comparison pictures of the two.

Next is the comparison pictures between the first try and the second. See if you can make out the differences THROUGH THE PARKINSONS!!!

And, with that, the building process is FINALLY done! 

Drop yer socks and grab yer crocks, because it's strapping time!

Alright! Part 5 down and out! stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion... PART 6!

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