Sunday, January 17, 2016

Operation: Shoot To Thrill Part 3 (Iron Man Mk. 6 build)

Alright, so things didn't go well last time. Good carbon scoring gloss black paint does not make. So, to mend my aching heart, what would be better than more painting? We've been laying on the red pretty hard recently, so let's get some gold and silver detail in there:
First, back panels and thighs

after that, i moved on to the new detail around the chest piece, which needed a coat of silver
with the detail all nice and shiny and chrome, it had to be taped up so i could sand off the excess in the primer'd "red" area

And with that, it was time for that sweet, sweet Hot Rod Red

and finally, sans-paint tape, it's looking pretty damn good

to finish it off, there were just a few more silver details that i, unfortunately, missed while priming. but, since they're recessed and out of the way, slapping an un-primered coat on them shouldn't give me too many headaches

and, once again, minus the paint tape, those sexy, sexy clean lines

and with the finishing of the chest piece, the costume could ACTUALLY start to be hung up!

so, things are starting to look up! next, we'll be painting the arms. 
Stay tuned!

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