Sunday, March 15, 2015

Operation Cockbite Part 9

Alright, after a break for a couple days (which will be mentioned later) I'm back! so, we left off with everything from the neck down having been built. Now comes the strapping part, which will be business as usual with nylon straps and buckles. First up, attaching the thighs to the midsection:

Had to cut out some movement room into the back of the thighs so i could actually bend my knees:

Instead of I-screws on this one, I wanted to try something less intrusive, so i went for the hot glue and duct tape method, and it worked phenomenally!

 And, with the thighs done, I moved down to the shins next, deciding that a high-movement area warranted heavy-duty nylon straps and I-screws (foreboding-tron boots up in the background):

Thankfully, that was all the strapping i had to do. The suit was definitely coming together now, and it was looking pretty sweet:

At this point it was really coming down to the wire. The above picture was taken roughly 50 hours before the flight to RTX. So needless to say, it was a bit frantic. Next up, the head, hands, feet, and paint job; a race to the finish. Stay Tuned!

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