Thursday, March 19, 2015

Operation Cockbite Part 11: T - 20 Hours

Alright, part 2 of the final day. As the title suggests, there are only 20 hours left until i have to be on a plane to texas. and roughly 8 of those are going to be spent sleeping (hopefully). So, after the nose was done, next came the hair. This was probably the most "scratch-build" piece of the scratch build, considering I had 1 reference picture and nothing else but my imagination.

Started with the slight widow's peak, then the sideburns. After that, it was just trying to imagine what kind of hair a robot would have:

And with that, Gusbot the Hedgehog was done. At this point, it's T - 13 hours until the flight leaves. Nose to the grinder and all that. So, with all the main pieces now completely finished, it was time to paint. Thankfully, our good friend mr. FlexSeal came in white, meaning that texturizing, painting, and priming could be done all in one. Two big fat birds with one stone there:

First layer down, looking a bit spotty, but that's to be expected:

Second layer down, even less spots, but still missing a few patches:

Next up: the head. Gusbot The Hedgehog is, unfortunately, no more.

While i left the main pieces out to dry, i got to work on the last few detail pieces. First up, the hands. since i wanted to keep it as close to the source material as possible, so i scrapped any attempt at having useable hands and went for the "stick figure" look. 

To start, i had to make end caps to cover the hole in the aluminum ducting and provide something to attach the "hands" to:

I also had to cut a little more room into the ducting for my arms, since there was still some tightness/pinching:

Alright, so with the bases done, it was time to make the hands. Some small PVC piping worked well with a couple cuts and a blast from the heat gun:

Same process for the second one:

Since i went for a sort of pitchfork design, i had to cut an indent for the crosspiece to fit into:

Next up, cutting a hole into the base for fitting the hands into:

Next up: paint!

and finally, attaching them to the arms:

The last bit of detail was the glasses, which were equal parts PVC pipe and foam, since I didn't buy enough piping. Also, at this point, exhaustion had started to set in, so I had started to slip up on the picture-taking, and the beard and mouth were literally done with sharpie:

Something wasn't right though... The eyebrows! I had almost forgotten! I felt that i had gone a bit heavy with the sharpie, so I busted out the foamies:

And with that... with 12 HOURS TO SPARE... it was finished.

Obligatory goof-off glamor shots:

I feel like this is foreboding...

Anyway!Next part will be the event itself (which was awesome!) so stay tuned!

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