Monday, March 16, 2015

Operation Cockbite Part 10: A race to the finish!

At this point i was really starting to sweat. Thus begins part 10! Upon the morn of the day before the flight! i had 1 day left, and i had a LOT to do. so, i started with the biggest and most difficult thing on the list: the head:

Came out a bit too small for my liking, had to make some adjustments:

Looks like a bit of a lip, time to fix!

You think a massive, looming, nigh impossible deadline right around the corner can keep me from goofing off? NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ME!

aaaand back to work. with the head built (and the sharpie rubbed off) larger details started to take shape, like the eyes and mouth:

Next up: the nose:

And that ends part 1 of the final day. Next time: nair. Stay tuned!

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