Friday, March 6, 2015

Operation Cockbite: Part 5

Alright! with the torso clipped and looking snazzy, the next thing to do is the sleeves. They can't be permanently attached to the shoulders, since it would be impossible for me to bend my arms in such a way to make it fit when i put the suit on. Thankfully, the method around this is pretty simple. Much like the torso, it's gonna be done with plastic clips. However, I also need to include a range of movement since I do plan on moving my arms at some point while in the costume. This can be done by using nylon strap as the gluing point instead of the clip itself, since the strap can twist and turn enough to give me a normal range of motion:
Short, sweet, and to the point. Now let's test it!


So, first test didn't go so well. There wasn't enough free-twisting nylon for me to properly move my arms, and so when I tried to, the clip was torn off of the sleeve. Back to the drawing board:

The fix to the problem seemed to be making the nylon strap longer, as well as putting the attachment point deeper into the sleeve, instead of right on the edge:


However, i realized there was an issue while wearing it...
it seems to have shrunk in the wash...

So, more problems already. next part will be figuring out a way to fix em. Stay Tuned!

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