Saturday, March 7, 2015

Operation Cockbite: Part 7

So, with the torso and midsection done, next came the thigh pieces. Same as before, it's simple measurements and a dry run with some adjusting:

First run came out almost perfect, but there was a little excess on the sides, and it was just a little too tight. Fixin time!

First one down, time for the second, this time with less mistakes and adjustments:

Finished! and here they are under the midsection:

Moving on down, next up is the lower legs. Same method as before, dry run first:

While doing this part, i had a very special delivery that was sorely needed:
Now, obviously by now, my exacto knives had been getting quite dull and decrepit:
So, instead of buying a new batch of blades like i usually do, i decided to try out a sharpener. the difference was absolutely amazing!
Before: top, bottom: after.

Just a nice little discovery for anyone going through the same issue. Anyway! back to the build:

The fit was, surprisingly, quite good for a first attempt!

However, around this time i started to run out of foam. While this suit was simple in design, it was consuming resources at an ALARMING rate! so, i started to improvise (read: start gluing bits and pieces of foam together until i had the right size, a la Frankenstein's monster):
Bip Bap Ban! the legs are done! next up we'll be doing arms, stay tuned!

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