Friday, July 8, 2016

The Caped Crusading Brit: Iron Vav Build (character mashup) [Part 1]

Welcome back! this is probably going to be the longest amount of time between the time of building versus the time of posting. Exactly 1 year, actually! however, it's relevant to posts in the near future, as well as RTX 2016, which I just attended. So, onto the build!

Around late may early June of 2015, i realized that RTX 2015 was coming up, and i needed to come up with something better than Gusbot. i was looking around my workshop, and spotted trusty ol' iron man standing nearby...

And an unholy marriage of characters begin to form. around this time, the first season of X Ray and Vav was being aired by Roosterteeth. and i noticed a similarity in colour scheme between Vav and the Mk. 6. iron man was red and gold, vav was red and blue...

and from there, the idea formed! it was genius in its simplicity! make the small Vav medallion, glue it onto the chestplate over the arc reactor, then  simply paint the gold parts blue!

So, i started with the medallion first.
I grabbed some plastic sheet and a reference picture, and went for a semi-scratch built design:

With it cut out, it was time for painting. i used some gaffer's tape as a backing to keep the two pieces together, primered it white to take care of the background, then printed out two union jack stencils (one for the red bits, one for the blue bits)

Medallion done! next up, time to repaint the suit itself. i decided to blue up the thighs, codpiece, midsection, biceps, gold panels on the back, shoulders, and faceplate. pretty simple task. the only real pain in the ass is the back and shoulder, where we need to tape up all the battle damage to protect its paintjob. Onwards!

alright, that was the easy stuff. now for the annoying stuff. I propped the back up, detached the shoulders, and started taping. the bullet holes were the real bitch. i needed to tear little shreds of tape and slowly fill them until every little scratch and divot in each bullet hole was covered. same goes for the big scrape on the back of the shoulder.
No bueno.

Painting done!

now to attach the medallion and build everything back up again:

Done and done.
Total elapsed time: about half a day.
Next up, we'll be packing Iron Vav up, shipping him off to austin, and having a blast at RTX 2015.
Stay tuned!

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