Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Caped Crusading Brit: Iron Vav Build (character mashup) [Part 2]

Welcome back! we left off with the quick Iron vav build finished. now, time to pack him up for the flight! i had some plastic crates leftover from storage in the garage, and even though it took a bit of cramming, they were the best for getting the suit across the country on a plane in one piece:

All packed up

Arrived safe and sound! despite several Neodynium magnets in the suit, the TSA didn't bother cracking it open to see what was inside like they did with gusbot

poor lil guy was tuckered out from his little plane trip

ONTO THE CON! it was tons of fun, everyone took lots of pictures, including me:

I even took a few pictures of some fellow cosplayers:

(shoutout to adam's lovely girlfriend, who actually ran the costume contest)

And, at the X-Ray and Vav panel, a certain someone noticed my costume and wanted a High Five! (a very blurry high five. but let's not hold it against the cameraman, he was rather excited)

Had a little breather on this fancy chair

And met Lil J barely 5 minutes after! (of course the one candid RT celeb picture i get, the damn faceplate is misaligned!)

I even got on camera a few times!

However, like all good things, RTX 2015 came to an end. iron vav was exhausted, needed to be packed up, and needed to come home to be turned into normal iron man again:

Next time, we'll go over the extensive repairs and repainting to get iron vav back to iron man.
Stay tuned!

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