Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Dynamic Dunce Duo [War machine character mashup build] [Part 2]

Well, we left off with the suit completely stenciled out onto foam and ready to cut, so that's exactly what we're gonna do! let's get right into it:

Next up is the helmet and other thin bits, which, as you'll recall from the iron man build, means we need to break out the router attachment and start sanding away at one of the foam mats:

However, things started to go wrong. I went a little too deep on a pass and ended up going straight through the mat:

I had some extra space, though, so no worries there. once both mats were sanded, it was time to cut those out too:

And that finished up the cutting! everything was organized into bins, and the building part was right around the corner!

First thing to build were the forearms, because why not:

Next up, the forearm guns. i wasn't TOO sure about making them out of foam, because EVA foam is notorious for being a terrible material to make weapons out of, but i decided to give it a shot anyway:

So, it turns out that what they say about EVA foam is right! it makes for terrible weapons. the forearm gun quickly fell apart, and i had to abandon it:

So, next up was the helmet. however, i ran into problems here as well. i took away too much thickness from the foam mat, so the seams i would be gluing were misshapen and extremely thin. i also didn't realize how much more detailed War machine's helmet was compared to Iron Man's. WAY more nooks and crannies, which is no bueno when it comes to foam.

So, unfortunately, i had to scrap the helmet too...

Not exactly off to the best start with the building. but it'll get better next update, promise!
Stay tuned!

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