Monday, July 11, 2016

The Caped Crusading Brit: Iron Vav Build (character mashup) [Part 3][FINALE]

*whew*! RTX 2015 was a blast. But our work wasn't over yet. The convention took quite a toll on the suit, so repairs were in order. Also, as much fun as iron vav is, i need Iron Man back. as i mentioned in the first post, i skipped the primer and just painted blue right over the red and gold, which makes sanding it off now MUCH easier. 
Anyway, damage assessment first:

Pretty beat up. most of the damage was in the boots and shins. not much of a surprise, considering those were the parts of the suit that were the most "active" and moving around the most. however, all the breaks were along seams, and were easy to fix by gluing and reinforcing everything.
Now, onto the paint stripping! i loaded my trusty Mouse sander up with some rough 80 grit and started sanding away!

Pretty easy, took just part of an afternoon. next up, i decided to rip out the poorly made joint plating in the codpiece. it was made with foamies glued together at the edges, and the lacking craftsmanship was obvious. thankfully, i had half-thickness foam left over from the helmet, so i decided to use that:

With that done, the next thing to do was re-prime the sanded pieces:

And right after that, the sweet red and gold paintjob:

And, finally, the faceplate. I got it signed by Mr. Burnie Burns at RTX.

now, obviously, i didn't want to sand off the blue paint (and, by extension, the autograph) so, i decided to pull the eye lenses and electronics out, hang it up as a little trophy, and simply used the leftover half-thickness foam to bung together a new faceplate. easy as pie:

Aaaaand back to his normal golden self! RTX 2015 was an absolute blast! and i was already hatching plans for 2016...
 Stay tuned!

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