Monday, May 12, 2014

FIRST BUILD: Halo Reach Custom Multiplayer Spartan III [Part 6] FINALE!!

Alright. We're here. We made it. We're at the last part. Congratulations for making it this far! 
The final stage is painting. The scheme was black with red detail.
Let's-a GOOO!

So I knew that the paint would NOT take to the bare foam very well at all, so i tried out a little something called Flex Seal, which is basically aerosol rubber. It worked REALLY well as a sealant, and even added a little texture to it. I left parts like the area around the armpits and the inside of the thighs covered since the bare foam emulated the undersuit really well.

After the flex seal, primer, and black coat, the red detail came next:

Little bit of white detail:

With all the major painting done, I realized that the paint job looked too much like spraypaint. So i pulled a painting method out of my Warhammer painting skills from years ago. (yes, i'm a giant nerd. please don't give me a swirly)
This method was drybrushing, which is where you dip your brush in paint, wipe off ~80% of the paint, then brush all over the piece. It gives texture to the piece and, in this case interacted great with the texture provided by the flex seal. I did this for every piece and it turned out great. It gave everything more of an "armor" look and got rid of the flat colors.

I also did some cool bullet holes along the shoulder and chest:

Also, I added a little mud to the boots:

And finally a complete picture!

It's done. It's over. I got some pictures of me in the suit, but i'll have to dig them up.

Also, I wasn't able to make a helmet just because i knew i wouldn't be able to make one, let alone with EVA foam. I'll just add that to the LONG list of improvements for this suit. But, it's done! Next up is the project I'm currently working on! stay tuned!

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